Sukhi Littlejohn

Hi, my name is Sukhi. I believe all of us have the capacity to be free from our restrictive and negative thought patterns and behaviour. 

Whether it’s Personal Development around confidence building, Career coaching, or Executive/Leadership coaching, in just a few sessions together we will work towards unlocking your potential and creating meaningful growth in your life.

I specialise in designing and facilitating Corporate Workshops, with tailored programs designed to empower teams, driving them towards success while fostering individual growth and development. Invest in your team’s future and watch as they exceed their goals and reach new heights of productivity and effectiveness. Elevate your business with a series of transformative workshops today!


With a 15 year career in the legal-sector as a qualified Solicitor working in the corporate and charitable sector, I made the change into Professional and Personal development coaching to utilise my passion of helping people create positive change.

As a certified practitioner in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming ) I focus on the connections between neurological processes, language, and behavioural patterns to assist individuals in attaining their developmental objectives, be it personal or professional. With specialised CIPD training in People Management and Development, my expertise lies in corporate training aimed at fostering personal growth. These methods are intricately woven into the training programs I design and facilitate for both charitable and corporate entities. Drawing from my experience in the corporate sector and my time working at a prominent Learning & Development company, I leverage a variety of techniques to support individuals in achieving their personal and professional goals.

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